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Watch The Video "I'll Sell For You" In The Next Category. I'll Close The Sales!
My Name Is Arthur Gottlieb & This Is The Giant Postcard Business. Its Home Based & Incomes Are Unlimited. You Can Do 20 Postcards A Month And Make Over $4,000 On Each! You Can Operate This Business Part Time, And You Can Succeed With A Full Time Job. Plus, You Can To Sell Almost Every Business Owner You Speak With. 

My History: I've Been Putting Entrepreneurs Into The Newspaper, Magazine And Coupon Envelope Business For Over 10 Years. You Can See My Video From 2008 At The Bottom Of This Page With Over 250K Views. I've Helped 100'S Over The Years Establish Their Own Profitable Businesses, And I Can Help You Too! I Have Switched From The Newspapers, Magazines And Coupon Envelopes To A Superior, More Effective Format For The Advertisers As Well As More Profitable For My Publishers. The Giant Postcards. The Giant Postcards Sell Themselves. Even When You Visit A Business, And If The Owner Isn't In, You Leave Your Sample Postcards, And When They Get In And See It, They Call You! It Puts Every Advertiser Front And Center, On The Cover! They Realize This Immediately When They See It, And They Want In!

My Giant Postcards Are Full Of Ads From Businesses Like The $100K Franchised Coupon Envelopes & Ad Magazines You're Getting In Your Mailbox (Valpak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, Home Mag, Etc.). 8 Out Of 10 Of The Coupon Envelopes And Ad Magazines Goes Into The Trash Without Being Viewed. That's Why Their Called Junk Mail. My Giant Postcards Are Better. Every Advertiser Is On The Front Page! Every Household, 10 Out Of 10 Takes The 30 Or 40 Seconds Needed To Review It, The Businesses On It & Their Sales Message. This Makes It Easy To Sell To Businesses Advertising In The Coupon Envelopes And Ad Magazines (Half Of Them), As Well As All Business Owners Advertising Anywhere! As Soon As The Businesses See The Giant Postcard, They Immediately Realize Its Value And Want To Be Part Of It. It's Like Being On The Front Cover Of The Ad Magazine, Which Costs Thousands Of Dollars.  

You Get 1000 Sample Postcards Designed To Sell The Ads For You. 500 Of Each Type. They Tell The Businesses To Call About Their Free Ad. When They Do, Tell Them You Have A New Customer Offer, If They Sign On For 3 Months, You'll Give Them The 4th Month For Free.

To Get Started, Just Visit The Business In The Zip Code I'm Going To Be Mailing Your Postcards To And Give Out Your Postcard Samples. Naturally, Speak With The Business Owner When There In. There's A Place For Your Contact Information On The Postcards. Everything Else, I Do For You. I Design The Ads And Postcards, I Print The Postcards (Heavy 100lb Text), And I Bulk Mail Them For You To The Zip Codes And Routes You've Chosen. You Don't Do Anything Other Than Fill Up Your Postcards With Advertising Businesses.

You Make $4175.00 On Every Postcard & You Can Do An Unlimited Amount Every Month. You Print & Mail 10,000 Postcards. Each Postcard Generates $7800, In Ad Revenue, Whether You're Selling The Postcard Size Ads For 4.59 Cents Delivered To Each Home, (Which Is $459.00 Per Ad, When Your Mailing To 10,000), Or The Business Card Size For 2 Cents, (Which Is $200.00 Per Ad, When Your Mailing To 10,000 Homes). It Costs $3370 To Print And Mail 10,000 Giant Postcards. Revenue $7800, Cost $3625 = Net Profit $4175 Per Postcard. Do 3 A Month, Earn Almost $13,000 A Month. And You Can Collect Deposits From Businesses The Day Your Samples Arrive!

I Design Them For You, Print Them For You And Bulk Mail Them For You. Sales Tax Is Included, There Are No Shipping Costs, And Your Provided With A Receipt Of Mailing From The Post Office. You Don't Touch Anything, And You Don't Want To. 10,000 Of These 9" X 12" 100lb Text Postcards Comes In 14 Forty Pound Boxes, Almost 600 Pounds. Your Time Is Better Utilized Visiting Businesses Which Is How You Make Money. Revenue $7800 Per Postcard, Cost $3625, Net Profit $4175. You More Than Double Your Money!

The Businesses Have No Problem Spending Money On Advertising. 90% Are Advertising Somewhere. The Smallest Businesses Cost $10,000 A Month To Keep Their Doors Open (Rent, Insurances, Staff, Telephone, Electric, Bookkeepers, Website, Maintenance, Inventory, Cash Register Supplies, Banking Fees, Franchise Fees, Permits, They Even Pay For Trash Removal, And I Can Go On And On. The Bigger Ones Cost $20,000+. Many Businesses You'll Visit Spend Thousands Of Dollars Every Month On Advertising. 

Once You Do A Postcard, It Runs On Auto Pilot. The Businesses Stay In Your Postcards & You Go Around Monthly Collecting Your Checks. You Can Have 4 Or 5 Postcards Running And Spend 6 Or 8 Hours A Month Visiting Them And Collecting Your Checks. How Great Is That?

This Business Is Great! Nothing To Learn & Almost Nothing To Do. You Get Coffee At The Convenience Store And Show The Boss The Postcard, Boom A Customer. You Go To The Car Wash And Show The Boss The Postcard, Boom A Customer. You Have Some Pizza For Lunch And Show The Owner The Postcard, Boom A Customer. Your Wife Wants To Go Out For Dinner And You Show The Restaurateur Your Postcard, Boom A Customer! You Just Sold Half The Front Of Your Postcard During Your Regular Routine. When You Walk Into The Real Estate Office, And The Broker Isn't In, The Salespeople Fight Over Who Will Get Into Your Business Card Postcard. Their All Work On Commission And Do Their Own Advertising.They All Want Their Business Card In Front Of 30,000 Neighbors For $200. The Same Thing Happens At The Car Dealers.  

Your Local Business Owners Love Mailbox Advertising. Their Either Doing It, Or Want To Do It. Half Of Them Are Already In The Coupon Envelopes Or Ad Magazines. Even Though 8 Of 10 Of Their Ads Go In The Trash Without Being Viewed, The Businesses Still Love It. It's Mailed To 10,000 Homes Surrounding Their Business. They Still Get A Response. It's Their Best Option. But, Their Desperate For A Better Way To Make Their Advertising More Productive, And The Giant Postcards Are A Much Better Way. Once You Show It To Them, They Instantly Realize It And Want In! Instead Of Their Ad Being Buried In An Envelope Or Magazine, Which Only 2 Of 10 Bother To Open, Their Postcard Ad Is Seen By All 10, At A Glance There Always On The Front Cover! It's Incomparable.

When You First Speak With The Business Owner, You Show Them The Postcard With The Postcard Size Ads. If For Some Reason They Don't Jump On Board (Perhaps Their Business Stinks), You Take Out The Postcard With The Business Card Size Ads. They've Already Been Softened Up, And Want To Be In Your Postcard Desperately, And Now With Your Offer Changing To 2 Cents Per Home, Your $200 Ad Reaching 10,000 Homes, With 3 People In Each, 30,000 Of Their Best Prospects. Boom, They Jump On Board! 

The Competition Is Junk Mail. The Giant Postcards Are Enticing, Attractive And Easy To Review. No Pages To Turn, No Envelopes To Open And Coupons To Labor Through. Everyone Takes The 30-40 Seconds Needed To Review It, Mentally Recording The Businesses That Are Advertising And Absorbing Their Sales Messages. You Only Need To See An Ad For A Second Or Two For It To Get Absorbed Into Our Brains. That's How Our Brains Are Wired.

I Told The Business Owners To Imagine How Effective Their Ad Would Be If Every Household Actually Saw Their Ad And Reviewed It, Not Just 2 Out Of 10. That's What Happens With The Giant Postcard. Our Eyes Tell Our Brain To Record It, And It Takes Only A Second To Absorb The Businesses Ad. Most Save It For A Sale Or Service They Want, But Even If They Don't Save It, The Businesses Name, Products Or Services Have Been Embedded Into The Households Brain. Their Sales Message Was Seen And Absorbed. It's Better Than Any Other Advertising! It Familiarizes The Businesses Name, Product Or Service With Their Best Prospects, The 10,000 Households With 30,000 People In Them, Surrounding Their Business, In Their Own Zip Code. The People Close Enough To Come In & Spend Money In Their Businesses. Their Targeted Audience. If They Went Into The Neighborhood Putting Flyers Into Mailboxes, They'd Be Putting Them In The Mailboxes Of Homes In Their Own Zip Code. That's What We Do For Them.

My Business Card Ads Are Designed Like Billboards. Designed For Generating Sales For The Businesses. Not Just Advising The Businesses Name & Contact Information Like The Usual Business Card. Mine Get Results And Bring Customers In. Mine Sells For The Business And Generates Phone Calls. Mine Gets The Business, Product Or Service, And Sales Message Recorded And Absorbed Into The Brains Of Their Best Prospects. Mine Pays For Itself 10 Times Over. Nothing Else Compares With It! 

How Easy Is It To Sell? Easy! A Business Card Cost 3 Cents, Isn't Distributed & Doesn't Sell Anything. It Stays Under The Business Owners Counter Waiting For Someone To Request It. But My Business Card Ad For 2 Cents Is Delivered Into The Mailboxes Of The Homes Surrounding The Business. It Costs Less Than A Business Card, But It's Value To The Business Owner Is 20 Times Greater. The Business Owners Jump At The Chance To Reach Their Best Prospects For 2 Cents, With Not Just A Business Card, But An Effective, Results Producing Ad.

The Business Owners Are Aggressive About Growing Their Businesses. They'll Often Take Double Size Ads If You Offer It To Them. You Always Offer Double Size Ads And Tell The Business Owner That If They Take A Double, You'll Guarantee Their The Only Business Of Their Type On The Postcard.

The Postcard Size Ads Sells For 4.59 Cents. A Stamp Cost 50 Cents. A Postcard With A Stamp, 75 Cents. They Can Never Mail To 10,000 Of Their Neighbors, It Would Cost $7500.00. Plus, Their Ad Is More Effective When Put Side By Side On The Giant Postcard With Other Businesses. Often Another Business Is The Reason The Household Saved The Postcard. However, When That Household Refers To That Ad, They Are Seeing Every Businesses Ad For A Second, & Maybe 3rd Time, Benefiting All The Advertisers On The Postcard.

Most Zip Codes Have 500 To 1000 Brick & Mortar Businesses In Them (Storefronts). Enough Businesses To Do 20 Postcards, While Making $4,175 On Each. Plus, Hundreds More Contractors, Trades People, Home Business Operators, Doctors, Dentist & Other Medical Providers. Plus Businesses Outside Of Your Zip Code Will Often Want To Reach The People You Are Mailing To. Overall, Their Could Be Thousands Of Quality Prospects In Your Zip Code. If You Call Me Up, I'll Check Your Zip Code & Tell You Exactly How Many Mailboxes And Businesses Are In It. 

If Your About Speed And Want To Get Started Fast With 2 Postcards! Just Show The Business Owner Both Postcards, And Tell Them If They Take A Spot On The Postcard Size One For $459, You Will Give Them A $200 Spot On The Business Card Size Postcard For Free. Tell Them You'll Be Mailing The Business Card Postcard Two Weeks After The Postcard Size One, Giving Them A Double Bang For Their Buck. They Love This And Jump On Board.  By Doing This You Have Given Away 17 Spots On The Business Card Postcard., But You Have Sold Out The Both Postcards And Once The Businesses Get Used To Being In Both Postcards, They'll Stay In Both Postcards Leading To More Profits Down The Road. Now, You Still Have 22 Business Card Spots Left To Sell At $200 Each. When Both Cards Are Full You've Generated $12,200 In Ad Revenue, And To Print And Mail Both Cards Cost $7250. You Net $4950, But You Have Introduced Both Postcards To Your Community. Plus, Your Getting Your Own Sales Message Out To Hundreds Of Prospective Businesses Owners With Each Mailing, And Your Doing It Twice, Is Priceless!

Yes, It's Not $4,175 Per Postcard, But Next Month It Is, When You're Are Charging For The Free Ads. Give A Little Initially To Get Started Quickly And Effortlessly. You Can Soon Be Doing 10 Postcards A Month. By Having Both Postcards Printed With Businesses On Them, That The Other Business Owners Are Familiar With, It Becomes Automatic For You To Get New Businesses On Additional Postcards. They Assume Since Everyone Else Is On The Postcard, It Must Be The Right Thing To Do. 

You Can Also Put Your Own Ad On The Postcard And Make A Little Less On Your First Postcard. You Take A Spot On The Postcard Size Ads Postcard Or Double Spot On The Business Card Size Ad Postcard. Reason Being, When You Mail Your Postcard To 10,000 Mailboxes, Hundreds Of Them Will Be Quality Potential Customers. Between The Brick And Mortar Businesses, The Contractors, Trades People, Home Businesses, Doctors, Dentists And Other Medical Providers You'll Be Reaching Hundred's Of Great Prospects, Making Sales Almost Automatic. This Large Ad Spot Allows Room For A Powerful Sales Pitch Prompting Businesses To Call You To Place Their Ads. You Can See A Sample Of What I Mean In Under The Sample Postcard Category.

My Business Model Cost $2,495.00 If You Follow My Suggestion And Do Both Postcards Offering The Free Business Card Size Ad, You'll Get Twice Your Initial Investment Back With Your First Mailing Of Those 2 Postcards.There Are No Other Start-Up Costs. You Collect A 50% Deposit From The Businesses When You Take Your Ad Which More Than Covers Your Printing & Mailing Costs. After You've Printed And Mailed Your Postcards, You Go Back To The Business With Your Postal Receipt In Hand, And Collect Your 50% Balance. They All Pay! Their Businesses, Many Are Millionaires. The Best Customers You Can Possibly Be Selling To. The Bigger Businesses, I Never Even Asked For A Deposit. 

My One Time Fee Is $2,495.00 And Includes 1000 Postcard Samples And The Designing Of Your Ads And Postcards. Plus I'll Do Up To 100 Ads For You, With With A Revision On Each. Enough For 4-5 Postcards. After The Postcard Is Printed The Businesses Usually Run The Same Ad For Months And Sometimes Forever. My One Time Fee Does Not Include The Printing And Mailing Of Your Postcards. $3625 Is What It Costs For You To Generate Your $7800 In Ad Revenue, And Do A 10,000 Postcard Mailing.   

And When Your Postcards Are Full And You Need Me To Print And Mail Them For You, To The Zip Codes And Routes Of Your Choosing, That's $3625 Per 10,000 Postcards. I Want You To Do A Lot Of Postcards Because Every Time I Do The Printing And Mailing For You, I Make $200. Therefore I'll Help You To Do As Many As Possible, Hopefully 4 Per Month Or More, Which Is 48 Per Year Whereas I'll Make Almost $10,000 Annually On Your Business.

This Is A Business For Dummies. High School Students Routinely Go Around And Take Ads From Local Businesses For Their Yearbook. They Manage To Do It & They Get Paid. So, Obviously This Isn't Rocket Science. And With My Help, It's Effortless.

Now I've Gone Through The Basics Of My Giant Postcard Business Model. To Learn The Details Of Everything, Please Click On The Other Categories And Call Or Email Me With Any Questions.  

Arthur Gottlieb. 

PS. The Phone Rings In My Home (954-534-9368). I'm On Eastern Standard Time In Florida. Please Don't Call Me After 10pm. 

Call/Email & Find Out How Many Homes/Businesses In Your Zip Code Call Art @ 954-534-9368 or Email
The Video Below is From 2008 in North Carolina
Turning Employees & Entrepreneurs into Publishers Since 2008!

HomeTown Informer is a simple, affordable, fun business from home. With good people skills, this business is easy! I assist and support you, but you’re the boss, and you make the final decisions. HomeTown Informer’s business model affords you an instantaneous cash flow. You can be collecting deposits immediately upon your receipt of the sample papers!

You can succeed from your home, in your own community, with a full time job, in a franchise style targeted media business for less than the cost of a college course. Order your samples and line up your customers. After you've secured your customers, your guaranteed to succeed and ready to earn! Put my course on your credit card, and use the customers deposit money to pay the bill when it’s due! What can be better?

Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and Biz Buy & Sell have named HomeTown Informer one of the best business plans of the decade! Make sure it’s the right fit for you. Talk to some local businesses or speak with business owners you know. Make sure you’re comfortable speaking with business owners. If you get their interest in your paper’s ads for 1 cent per house, then you will shortly be joining them as a successful business operator.

My Targeted Direct Mail Paper is Superior to the Franchises! I've Trained 100's of Successful Publishers Since 2008. Sell Easier and For Less While Profiting More By Learning to DO-IT-WITH-MY-HELP! My Students Are Sending Papers to Your Mailbox and Getting Rich! What Are You Doing? You Could be Selling Ads After your sample papers arrive. Press The Buy Now Button, order your samples and line up your customers. It's that simple. Once your customers are lined up, enroll for my services and call me to Schedule Your 1st Lesson. You Could be my Next $200K Publisher with a minimal amount of effort.

Call 954-534-9368 or Email and I will Tell You How Many Homes and Businesses are in Your Zip Code. I'll Advise a Business Plan, For Free! My Course (Training, Mentoring, Sample Papers) Turns Employees into Publishers! Ads for 1 Cent Per Home and My Sample Paper Get It Done!

Vistaprint Sells 500 Business Cards on TV for $10. Plus $5 Delivery. That's 3 Cents Per Card. How Can You NOT Sell Ads 3 Times The Size Delivered to the Businesses Best Prospects, The Homes Surrounding their Business, in their zip code for Just 1 Cent Per Home! Note: Average Homes Have 3 People Inside. Just order your samples to Start to Earn! Get in Touch With Me and I Will Make it Happen! 

Print ADVERTISING is Booming! Statistics Prove Print is NOT Dead, as Long as It's Provided via Direct Mail. I Often Hear That Millennials Don't Read Anything Not on a Screen. On The Contrary, Millennials Make Up 39% of U.S. Magazine Readers and 34% of Newspaper Readers. And When They're Online, Their Not Responsive to Digital Marketing. They Tend to Ignore Digital Ads, Pop-Ups, Banner Ads and Emails as Their Lost in The Clutter and Noise of The Internet. Direct Mail Cuts Through The Clutter and Noise. 90% of Millennials See Print on Paper as More Legitimate and Trustworthy Than Digital. Studies Show That 90% of People 25-39 Find Direct Mail Reliable and 88% Like Receiving It. 

I Make Nothing Off Your Business Success. You Keep Everything You Earn, Unlike The Franchises With Fees and Royalties. My Specialty Printers Print Your 24 Page All Color Papers for 18 Cents! You Deal With Them Directly. I Teach/Help You Bulk Mail Them for 18 Cents Each. I Have The Answers to Any/All Questions. When Trained, You'll Be Professional and Credible. You'll Collect 50% Deposits Which Will Cover More Than Your Printing and Mailing Costs, Equaling NO START UP COSTS! 

Some Students Are Doing 36 Page Papers! You Only Need 12 Pages to Earn Over $100K, and Average Papers Are 24 Pages Earning Publishers $200K Per Year. Are You Ready to Learn to Earn? I'm Ready to Teach You The Business! Will You Join Me Now?

There Are 3 Buy Now Buttons Below. The First One is For Purchasing 10 Sample Papers For $595.00 (With Built In Sales Pitches) to Help You Line Up Customers. The Second One is For My Services in Full $1,995.00 (Sample Papers & Complete Training & Assistance). I'll Help With Every Thing Involved, Or Do it For You! The Third is to Sign on For The Discounted Price of $1,400.00 Once You Have Already Purchased Sample Papers.

NOTE: You Will Need to Buy The Software For $109.00. I Will Send a Link to The Software Maker Where You Can Buy it Directly From Them after you have signed on. 

NOTE: If You Send Me Your First Paper, Your Software Cost is Fully Refunded! Note: Sample Paper is Below The Buy Now Buttons. Take a Look, It Makes Selling Effortless!

Any Questions Call Art @ 954-534-9368 or Email Me @

Below Is The Buy Now Button For 10 Sample Papers For Lining Up Your Customers! $595.00

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Take a Close Look at The Sample Paper & See How It Closes Your Sales

The Size of The Paper is 11" Wide x 14" High. It's BIG & BEAUTIFUL

One Cent Full Color Ads. How Can You NOT Sell Every Business You Visit?