Watch The Video , Leave Your Home, Succeed In A High Income Home Business! 

     My Name Is Arthur Gottlieb & This Is The Map Mailer Business. I'm Looking For Local Operators To Partner With That Want To Operate/Publish Their Own Map Mailer In Their Own Community. You Can Make $200,000 Annually In This Home Based Business Which Cost $5,995.00, Working Part Time. You Can Succeed With A Full Time Job. Just Sign Up Your Customers During Your Lunch Hour. You Can Make $9,000.00 On Each Map Mailer You Do & You Can Do 24 Per Year Working Just Part Time. If You Watch The Video You'll Learn How To Create A High Income Home Based Business With Your Own Map Mailer.

     When You Sell The Ads On Your Map Mailer You Generate $13,000 In Revenue (Depending On The Size Ads You've Sold). It Cost $4,000.00 To Design The Ads, Lay Out Your Map Mailer, Print & Mail It To 10,000 Homes In The Zip Codes You've Targeted/Chosen, Leaving You With $9,000.00 Profit On Each Map Mailer. We Work Together & Both Profit On Every Map Mailer That's Printed & Mailed, So I Help You Do As Many As Possible. I License Zip Codes To You & Don't Work With Anyone Else In Those Zip Codes As Long As Your Operating Your Business. Your Territory, Zip Codes & Investment Is Fully Protected.

     Map Mailer Is A Business Similar To Valpak, Money Mailer, The Clipper Magazine & Dozens Of Other Franchised Advertising Medias. The Business Is Known As Direct Mail. These Businesses, As Well As Map Mailer, Sell Advertising To Local Businesses. Then Mail The Media (Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines, Newspapers, Etc.) To 10,000 Homes In The Same Zip Code As The Businesses Are Located In, With 30,000 People Living In These Homes. The Businesses Always Have Interest In This Type Of Advertising Because Their Ads Are Delivered To The Homes Surrounding Their Business, Their Best Prospects. It's A Business Model That's Been Around For 75 Years & Is Proven Over Decades. There Are Dozens Of Franchises On The Market, & Map Mailer Is Superior To Them All! 

     Right Now Direct Mail Is Exploding. Businesses Have Learned The Only Guaranteed Way To Reach Their Best Prospects Is Thru Their Mailboxes. They've Learned That There Are Too Many Channels, Too Many Websites & Apps, & The Internet Is Just Too Crowded. Direct Mail Has A Higher Rate Of Response Compared To Other Advertising. And The Best Direct Mail Platform Is The Map Mailer. It's The Only One That Guarantees Businesses Ad's Will Be Seen, Because Every Ad Is On The Front Page. There Are No Pages To Turn Or Envelopes To Open, Plus Everyone Looks At The Magnificent Map Mailer. Its Breathtaking. Have You Every Seen Anything So Beautiful?  

     50,000 People Are Currently Profiting With Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines & Newspapers. Take A Look In Your Mailbox. The Map Mailer Is An Updated Hybrid Version. It's More Effective For Advertisers, With Every Ad On The Front Page Along With A New Lower Price Threshold. It's Also Better For The Operators Because You'll Profit Faster & Easier Than Every Before While Doing Less Work. Your Job Is To Sell Ads On Your Map Mailer. Your Supplied With A Sample Map Mailer Which Is Designed To Do The Selling For You. When The Business Owners Are Done Reviewing It, You'll Be Talking About What Size Ad Is Best For Them & Going Over Their Ad Details. It's Easy, Effortless & Doable. 

     Business Owners Want To Speak With You. They Love Mailbox Advertising. You Have Something They Need & Want. They All Have Interest When They Hear Your Mailing Your Map Mailer To Households Surrounding Their Business Location, Their Best Prospects. The Businesses Are Already Advertising In The Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines & Newspapers Where 7 Out Of 10 Of Their Ads Goes Unseen & Directly Into The Trash Can. When They See The Map Mailer, They Realize Their Ad Will Be Seen Every Time Because It's On The Front Page. It Takes Just Minutes To Review Both Sides Of The Map Mailer Whereas Mail Recipients Will See The Businesses Advertising On It, While Absorbing & Recording Their Sales Message. Nothing Compares With It & Nothing Is As Cheap. It's Like The Apple Iphone Of Direct Mail. It's The Best, By Far, Period.    

     The Sales Pitches As Well As The Ad Prices Are Printed On The Map Mailer Sample. You Only Need To Hand It To The Business Owners. By The Time Their Done Reviewing It, They Want Their Business On The Map. When They See It, They Stare At It As If Their Hypnotized. It's Like Love At First Sight. They've Never Seen Anything So Impressive. It's No Different With Those Receiving It In Their Mailboxes. It's Magnificence Is Spell Binding. You'll Effortlessly Take Business From The Other Medias Like The Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines & Newspapers Like Taking Candy From A Baby. Those Guys Will Hate You. But The Business Owners Will Love You, Will Advertise With You & They'll Make You Rich. 

     The Competition Is Junk Mail. 75% Of Them Go Directly Into The Trash, But Not The Map Mailer, It's Viewed 100% Of The Time. Your Offering Business Owners A Chance To Reach 10,000 Homes With 30,000 Of Their Best Prospects Inside, All Surrounding Their Business Location In Their Own Zip Code For $67.00 A Month. That's Less Than 1 Cent Per Best Prospect. How Can They Not Have Interest? They Do! What Can They Do For $67.00? Print 100 Color Flyers & Then Try To Figure Out How To Distribute Them? Theirs Nothing They Can Do To Promote Their Business That's This Cost Effective Or Practical. Their Ad Is Guaranteed To Be Viewed & Delivered For 2 Cents Per Home. $67.00 Per Month, $199.00 In Total For 10,000 Homes With 30,000 Of Their Best Prospects Inside For The Entire 3 Month Season! Review The Category Sell Every Business & You'll Understand Why Every Business Owner You Speak With Will Want An Ad In Your Map Mailer. And Most Businesses Will Take A Double Size Ad, Blocks Of 4, Blocks Of 8 & More. Very Few Choose The Smallest Size On Offer As The Prices Are So Cheap. 

     Once A Business Is On Your Map, They Stay There! The Business Owners Are Not Stupid & They Stay Where Their Getting The Most Value & Results. So, Once You Get Started Your Business Runs On Autopilot. You Just Visit The Businesses Seasonally For Their Renewals Or Send Them An Email Whereas They'll Send You A Check. It's Like A Residual Income But Better Because You Can Keep Expanding & Your Income Continues To Grow. Income Potential In This Business Is Virtually Unlimited!

     In The Middle Of Every Map Mailer Is A Map Of The Territory/Zip Codes It's Going To Be Mailed To. The Map Shows All The Landmarks Of Your Targeted Zip Codes Like The Parks, Fire Houses, Schools, Camp Grounds, Golf Courses & Things Of That Nature. Some Maps Will Be 2 Or Even 5 Zip Codes Depending On The Population & Density Of The Businesses. Wherever You Live, This Business Will Work. The Businesses Advertising Will Also Get Listed On The Map.

     Customers Are Waiting & Never Ending. Most Zip Codes Have 500-1000 Brick & Mortar Businesses In Them. Plus Hundreds Of Contractors, Doctors, Dentists, Other Medical Providers As Well As Home Operated Businesses. On Top Of All That, Businesses Outside Of The Zip Codes Your Mailing To Will Want To Reach The Homes Your Mailing To. Usually There Are Thousands Of Quality Business Owner Prospects In Every Zip Code & You Can Do As Many Zip Codes As You Want. Call Me & I'll Tell You Exactly How Many Mailboxes & Businesses Are In Your Zip Codes As Well As Answer Any Of Your Questions. 

     Map Mailer Is Printed & Mailed Quarterly, Corresponding To The Seasons, 4 Times A Year. Your Not Under Pressure To Get You Map Mailer Out Because You'll Always Have That 3 Month Window To Work With. The Seasonal Nature Of The Map Mailer Along With The Striking Quality & Striking Visual Brilliance Of These 9" X 12" Heavy Duty Double Thick 100LB Text Laminated Map Mailers Lend Themselves To A Long Shelf Life. Those Getting It In The Mail Usually Leave It On Their Counters Or Coffee Tables For Long Periods Of Time, Often The Entire 3 Month Season. It's Treated Like A Piece Of Art. It's Too Beautiful To Throw Out. It's Not Your Usual Postcard, It's Double Heavy, Glossy & Laminated. It's Waterproof & Indestructible. 

     Your Job Is To Reach Out To Business Owners In Your Area. You Collect All The Advertising Medias You Can Find & Get In Touch With Those Business Owners, Either By Visiting Them Or Calling Them. You Sell Them Ads & Send The Ad Information To Me & I'll Do Everything Else. I Design The Maps & Ads. I Lay Out The Map Mailer As Well As Print & Mail It To The Zip Codes We've Chosen. We Work Together. I Am Selling/Supplying You 10,000 Map Mailers, Designed, Printed & Mailed To 10,000 Homes In Your Chosen Zip Codes For $4,000.00. You'll Sell The Ads & Generate $13,000.00 In Revenue, Leaving You With $9,000 Profit On Each Map Mailer. 

     Your Custom Made Map Mailer Sample Closes The Sales For You. Your Targeted Zip Codes Are Illustrated As A Map. Your Contact Information Is Printed On The Map Mailer Sample. It Takes 7-10 Days To Do Your Initial Map. Those That Sign On For A License Get 800 Samples, Exclusive Licenses For Their Targeted Zip Codes & A Custom Presentation Folder. I Will Even Customize The Ads On The Map Mailer Sample As You Might Be In A Resort/Vacation Area & You Might Want To Have Ads Of Local Attractions On Your Sample Map Mailer, Or You May Have Another Business Interest In The Area & Want This Business Shown On The Map Mailer Sample. Not A Problem, If It Benefits You, & The Sale Of Advertising, It Benefits Me. I Don't Send Samples To Anyone That Hasn't Sent Me Their $5,995.00 Licensing Fee. Reason Being Is That The Map Mailer Samples Are All Custom Made, & Make Selling Ads So Easy & Effortless That Anyone Could Use My Samples To Start A Business Without Me. This Doesn't Help Me Or My Licensed Operators. 

   Your Map Mailer Samples Are Your Sales Force, Their Like An Army Selling For You. Just Hand It To A Business Owner & When Their Done Reviewing It, They'll Ask You, What Zip Code Are You Mailing To & Exactly When Can They Get Their Ad Into Their Neighbors Mailboxes. The Sample Says All The Things Your Supposed To Say, But Don't Always Remember To Say. If You Zoom In On It, You'll Notice The Text In The Ads Are Not Text For The Ads As You Would Assume. They Are Instead Sales Pitches, Reasons The Business Owner Needs To Have Their Business On The Map Mailer. Some Of The Things It Says Are "Your Ads Are Mailbox Delivered For Less Than 1 Cent Per Prospect", "Your Ad Is Guaranteed To Be Viewed", "Every Ad Is A Front Page Ad", "Map Mailer Is Mailed To 10,000 Homes With 30,000 Of Your Best Prospects Inside, In Your Own Zip Code", "Direct Mail Has A Higher Response Rate Than Any Other Advertising", "88% Review Their Mail The Same Day It Arrives", "3 Month Shelf Life", "$67.00 Per Month", "Map Mailer With Double Your Sales", "Map Mailer Puts Your Business Inside The Homes Of Your Best Prospects", "Free Ad Design", "No Pages To Turn Or Envelopes To Open Equal Guaranteed Views". It Talks About How Map Mailer Creates A Demand For Their Product Or Service. It Even Has A Square Comparing Map Mailer Advertising To Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines, Big & Free Newspapers, TV, Internet & Social Media & It Explains Why Map Mailer Is Better. Nothing Is Left Out, The Reasons Map Mailer Is Best & The Crazy Low Prices For Each Ad Size Is Shown As Well.

     By The Time The Business Owner Is Done Reading & Reviewing Your Map Mailer Sample, Not Only Do They Want To Be On The Map, Their Fired Up, Excited & Anxious To Get Started. They'll Never Give You Your Sample Back. They Want To Look At It Over & Over Until Their Real Ad Comes Out. It's Like I Said, Love At First Sight. They Know Their Neighbors Receiving It In Their Mailboxes Will React The Same Way They Are And Review It Thoroughly. 

     When You Go Into A Business & The Owner Isn't In, You Leave Your Sample & When They See It, They'll Call You. When You Go Into The Real Estate Offices, Car Dealers, Or Beauty Salons, The People Working There Will Want To Get On The Map As Well. The Real Estate Agents, Car Salesman & Hair Stylists Are Independent Commissioned Agents & Do Their Own Advertising. They All Want To Be On The Map Mailer & Get Business From Their 30,000 Best Prospects For $67.00 A Month. Sometimes These Worker Will Fight Among Themselves As To Which One Will Get On The Map. 

     Besides 800 Custom Made Samples Designed To Sell For You, You're Also Provided With A Presentation Folder That Has Your Map In It, The Zip Codes Your Mailing To & An Assortment Of Official Post Office Documentation Including My Bulk Mailing Permit. Even Documents With Your Name Printed On Them. This Provides You With Added Credibility When You're Speaking To Business Owners. Your Provided With The Resources To Make Sales Easy & Effortless. If There Were Anything Else I Could Provide You With To Make It Any Easier, I Would. The Only Other Thing I Could Do For You Is To Go Into Your Territory & Visit The Business Owners For You.

     Operating The Business: You Search Out Business Owners. There Everywhere! You Find Them In Every Store, Restaurant & Office. You Can Go To The Home Depot Parking Lot From 9am-Noon & You Can Speak With 50 Contractors (Just Walk Over To Them In Their Vans When Their Parking Or Leaving). You Have Something Every Business Owner Needs, A Way To Bring Customers Into Their Business. Even The Smallest Pizza Parlor Has Monthly Bills Exceeding $20,000. Their Desperate To Get Their Message Out & Customers In. The Contractors Are Even More Desperate As They Don't Have A Storefront & Depend Entirely On Advertising To Stay In Business. The Businesses Need You More Than You Need Them!

     You Show & Sell Your Map Mailer Ads Everywhere You Go. You Talk With Every Business Owner You Deal With Like Your Gardener, Pool Guy & Various Repair People. You Speak With Every Store You Go Into & Every Restaurant You Eat At. You Can Fill Up Your Map Mailer By Just Talking With The Businesses Your Interacting With During Your Normal Day. You Go To The Car Wash & Show The Boss The Map Mailer, Boom, A Customer. You Go Eat Mexican Food For Lunch, Show The Boss The Map Mailer, Boom, Another Customer. It's Just That Easy. Your Only Job Is To Show Your Map Mailer Sample To Business Owners. The Business Owners Will Have Interest, Will Buy Ads & I Will Do Everything Else. 

     In Business Your Only As Good As Your Product & If You Don't Succeed In This Business With This Product, You Just Never Left Your House! All You Have To Do Is Tell Business Owners About Your Map Mailer. Where Your Mailing To & When. The Map Mailer Custom Sample Will Do The Selling For You. When The Business Owner Is Reviewing The Sample, You Wait A Minute Giving Him A Chance To Absorb Some Of The Information On The Sample (The Sales Pitches), Then You Say, "I Can Make You Up An Ad Sample For Free If You'd Like". BOOM! Your Now Discussing Details Of Their Ad. 

     Often The Business Owner Will Have An Ad Running & Will Want Something Similar. So You Take A Photo Of His Ad Or A Copy & Scan It. Then Email It To Me & I'll Make Up A Similar Ad But Improve On It & Place It On The Map Mailer. I'll Then Send This Back To You & You Will Go Back To The Business Owner To Show It To Them. At This Point They're Super Sold & Ready To Throw Their Money At You. The Sample Is Great, Their Ad Is Great, The Map Mailer Format Is Great, The Prices Are Great So Their Fired Up & Anxious To Go Forward. Usually They'll Ask You What's Next, & You'll Tell Them You Need Some Money From Them. Most Often They Will Pay You In Full. However, What I Did Was Collect 50% Of The Money Up Front & Then Go Back & Collect The 50% Balance After The Map Mailers Been Mailed. When You Go Back, You're Going Back With A Map Mailer With Their Business Printed On It As Well As Postage Receipts Which I Will Provide You. On Occasion They Will Want A Change Made To Their Ad Which Is Not A Problem, Just Advise The Change Or Changes & I'll Make Them. 

     The Deposit Up Front Money You'll Collect More Than Covers Your Only Expense Of $4,000.00 For 10,000 Map Mailers, Designed, Printed, Mailed & Delivered To The Households Of Your Targeted Zip Codes. Once You Have Paid Your One Time Licensing Fee For Your Zip Codes, You'll Have No Other Start Up Costs. You Will Have Immediate Cash Flow. As I Said, You Generate $13,000.00 In Revenue Per Map Mailer. It Cost You $4.000.00. You Make $9,000.00 On Each & I'm Hoping To Do 24 Per Year For You! 

     Sometimes You'll Just Forward Me Their Business Card & I'll Do The Same Thing. I'll Make A Great Ad From It. I'll Then Put It On Your Map Mailer Sample Replacing An Ad That Was There With This Real Ad. Sometimes You'll Need To Take A Photo Or Make Some Notes Of What They Want On Their Ad. Sometimes You Just Give Me Their Website & I'll Go From There. I'll Supply You With Tip Sheets On How To Take Ads. Remember, High School Students Go Into The Community & Sell Ads To Local Businesses For Their Yearbook, So This Is Not Rocket Science, & Will My Help It's Foolproof. 

     You Can Sell Any Size Ads You Want. You Can Mix & Match Sizes As Needed Or Wanted To Fill Up Each Map Mailer. The Sample & Price List Only Offer The Single Size, Double & Block Of 4. However, You Can Sell Blocks Of 6 Or 8 Or Even Sell Half Your Mailer To A Used Car Dealer That Wants To Show 12 Cars. Or To A Real Estate Company That Wants To Show 12 Houses. Naturally Price All Your Ads According To What You Want To Earn. The Pricing, Any Discounts, Or Long Term Advertising Deals Are Totally Up To You. I Help & Guide You But The Final Decisions Are Yours. It's Your Business To Profit From As Well As Sell In The Future Should You Want To Retire Or Cash Out. The Map Mailer Is Your Business. My Business Is Supplying You With The Your Finished Product As Well As The Resources To Do A Lot Of Them. 

     I've Put Hundreds Of People Into The Direct Mail Newspaper & Magazine Business Over The Past 10 Years. You Can See A Video In The Category About Art. I Have 500 Videos On YouTube With Over A Million Views. Some Of Them With Over 1/4 Million Views. I've Switched From Newspapers & Magazines To The Map Mailer. It's By Far The Easiest & Most Profitable Franchise Style Media On The Market. I Suggest You Watch The Video On This Website A Few Times As Well As Click On All The Categories. Then Call Me.

     My Map Mailer Business Has A One Time $5,995.00 Licensing Fee To Get Started. Consider Mailing Me A Check While Your Zip Codes Are Available. When I Get It, I Immediately Start Designing Your Custom Map Mailer Sample. This One Time Licensing Fee Includes Exclusive Rights For Your Targeted Zip Codes. It Includes The Designing Of Your Map & Your Ads For As Long As You Are Printing & Mailing Your Map Mailers With Me. Your Ad Designs & Layouts Are Included Because If I Didn't Do This For You, I Would Not Be Able To Print & Mail Your Map Mailer Which I Charge $4,000.00 Per 10,000 & Profit Doing. It Includes 800 Custom Made Map Mailer Samples With Your Custom Map & Contact Information Printed On Them. It Includes Your Custom Presentation Folder As Shown In The Video. 

     Selling To Business Owners Is Great. They Never Run Out Of Money & Their Greedy About Making More Money. They'll Do Anything To Grow & Expand Their Business. Often Business Owners Sign On With Me To Create Another Income Stream With Map Mailers As Well As Promote Their Own Business. 

     If This Sounds Good To You, Consider Visiting Some Other Media Franchises For Comparisons. There Is A Comparison Chart In The Photo Gallery Category. Learn About The Industry. Compare All The Media Products In The Market. If Your Not Convinced From All The Information I've Provided & Your Own Research On The Other Media Franchises That This Is The Best Product & That You'll Succeed In This Business, Than It's Not For You. But If You Feel This Is Something You Can Do, Write Down Your Questions & Give Me A Call @ 954-534-9368. I'll Make It Happen For You. I'll Help You Create A High Income Home Based Business. Hopeful We'll Be Partnering For Our Mutual Financial Benefits. Arthur Gottlieb