Frequently Asked Questions

     How To I Sign On? You Send A Check Or Money Order For $5,995.00 Made Out To Arthur Gottlieb DBA Map Mailer, 18072 SW 12th Court, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029 954-534-9368

     Can I Do More Than 10,000 Map Mailers? Yes, You Can Do As Many As You Want. The Price Is Constant Whereas You Pay For Exactly What Is Printed & Mailed. 10,000 Map Mailers Cost $4,000.00. If You Needed To Do 15,000 Pieces, The Price Would Be $6,000.00. You Pay Exactly For The Amount That Is Printed & Mailed. 

     What Does The Operational License Look Like, The Selling Price Sheet, The Map Mailer? See Photo Category

     What Makes The Map Mailer License Opportunity Suitable For Me? Map Mailer Is Simple & Straightforward. You're Awarded Rights To An Exclusive Territory. You Sell Advertising Space On Your Map Mailer. You Submit Your Advertising (Ad) Information To Me For Design, Print & Mail. It's All Done For You Other Than The Selling Of The Ads, PERIOD!

     Is There Anything Else I Should Know? Yes, My Relationship With My Licensees Is A Partnership Built On Mutual Trust. You & Your Clients (Advertisers) As Well As Myself Are All In This Together. We All Strive Toward The Goal Of Producing As Many Map Mailers As Possible While Creating Financial Gain For Both Of Us As Well As Your Advertisers. We Work Together For Mutual Financial Benefits. I Need You & You Need Me.

     How Long Does It Take For The Map Mailer To Reach The Households After It's Completed And Ready For Mailing? It Arrives In Home Within 7 Days.   

     How Long Does It Take For You To Initially Do The Map Of My Territory? Depending On The Territory, 7-10 Days.

     Can I Sell My Map Mailer License/Business? Yes, It Is Like Any Other Small Business. The Licensed Territory Is 100% Yours, To Work Or Sell In The Future.  

     How Much Experience Do I Need To Succeed With Map Mailer? A Sales Background Will Allow You To Make The Most Of A Map Mailer License. Are You A Self Starter With Good People Skills? Map Mailer Operators Need To Be Comfortable Selling Advertising To Small & Medium Sized Businesses. I Take Care Of The Rest! 
     How Do You Get To $13,000.00 In Revenue? There Are 66 Single Ad Spots. If You Sell All Single Ad Spots @ $199.00 Each You Generate $13,200.00

     How Do I Price Ads In The Map Mailer? There Are Suggested Prices (See Photo Category). It Can Be Changed According To Your Needs. You Always Make The Final Decisions.  

     What Does The Future Of Mail Advertising Look Like? Direct Mail Is A $46 Billion Dollar Industry That's Growing By Billions Of Dollars Every Year. It Comprises 50% Of Today's Local Media Ad Spend. It Works Because Consumers Interact With Their Mail In A Different Way Than They Interact With Other Forms Of Advertising. Direct Mail Response Rate Is Higher Than Other Forms Of Advertising. It Connects & Sells Consumers Goods & Services They Didn't Know They Needed Or Existed. 

     What Makes Map Mailer A Better Choice Than Other Media Franchises? I Suggest You Do A Search For Media Franchises & Familiarize Yourself With A Bunch Of Them. Their Is A Comparison Sheet In The Photo Category As Well. The More You Learn About The Industry, The More Money You Will Make With The Map Mailer.  

     How Do I Know I Can Trust You? I Have A Long History Of Successfully Assisting Entrepreneurs Into Their Own Advertising Newspapers & Magazines Businesses Since 2008. My YouTube Channel Has A Million Views With 500 Videos On It. Plus, I Need You To Succeed In Order For Me To Make Money. I Earn Money On Every Map Mailer I Print & Mail For You. Do A Google Search On Me & You Will Find I Have Been Around, In The Direct Mail Business For Some Time. Before That, I Was A Hardware Importer That Retired At 48. Direct Mail Has Been My Retirement Business. I Live In Pembroke Pines Florida & You Are Welcome To Visit. The Phone Number I Am Reached At, Is In My Home (954-534-9368). Don't Wake Me Up, I'm On Eastern Time. If You Still Aren't Comfortable, Don't Send Me Your Money!

     What Happens If I Die? I Have 3 Sons That Are More Than Ready To Fill In For Me. They Will Most Likely Be Battling Over Who Gets To Profit Off Your Map Mailers When I'm Gone.