The Striking Visual Quality And Brilliance Of The Postcard Samples Make Success Easy! 

Can I Do This Without You? 

Yes, You Can. But, You Would Incur Shipping Costs From Your Postcard Printer To Your Location, And You Can Expect 10% In Damages As The Postcard Cartons Are Heavy And Will Be Abused During The Shipping Process. You Would Need A Van To Get The Postcards To The Special USPS Bulk Mailing Facility In Your City. And You Would Need 2 To 4 Days To Sort, Bundle, Label And Prepare The Sacks For The Post Office. 

Plus, If You Make Even The Slightest Mistake With The Postcard Bleed, Crop Marks, Or Many Other Sensitive Specifications, The Post Office Will Not Accept Them. Even The Insignia, When Approved By The Post Office, Could Be Approved By An Incompetent Employee (The Post Office Has Many), And Then When You Go To Mail Them, They Are Not Accepted And The Whole Thing Is A Loss. 

and, Your Postcards Will Never Look As Good As Mine, Will Never Be Legitimate 100-Lb Text, And There's A Good Chance They Might Not Even Get To Where There Supposed To. It Took Me Dozens Of Mailings To Get The Processes Down To Perfection. I've Been Doing Bulk Mailing Since 2008, And Mistakes Are A Thing Of The Past!

The Printing Facility Is Next Door To The Mailing Room = No Damages. I Am Able To Get It Done Efficiently. I Have A System With Numerous Team Members, At Numerous Stations Making The Process Move Quickly And Efficiently.