Earnings Potential
     "Map Mailers" Provides You An Exclusive Operational License, For Your Specific Targeted Zip Codes, As Well As An Opportunity At Unlimited Earnings. One Map Mailer Can Generate $13,000 In Ad Revenue (Depending On The Ad Sizes Sold). It Cost $4,000.00 To Have Me Design The Ads, Print & Mail Your 10,000 Map Mailers (9" X 12" Gloss Laminated) To Your Targeted Zip Codes, Leaving You Approximately $9,000.00 Profit Per Map Mailer. 

     Some Zip Codes Can Produce 10 Map Mailers Per Season As There Are Thousands Of Quality Businesses (Prospects), In One Zip Code. You Can Do As Many Map Mailers & Zip Codes As You Want. I Want You To Produce Map Mailers For You Because I Profit Along With You On Every One Printed & Mailed. 

     Producing 6 "Map Mailers" In Your Territory/Zip Codes Each Season Would Equal A Total Of 24 Map Mailers Per Year. With Ad Revenue Of $13,000 Per Map Mailer & Profit Of $9,000.00 Each, You Would Make Over $200,000 For The Year.           
     Your Job As A Licensed Map Mailer Operator Is To Sell Advertising On Your Map Mailer. Your Profit Is The Difference Between Your Gross Ad Sales & The ($4,000.00 Per 10,000) Cost Of Designing, Printing & Mailing. With No Royalties Or Expenses Associated With Your Home Based Office You Can Quickly Create A Positive Cash Flow.  
     One Reason People Purchase A Map Mailer License Is That They See The Value In An Established & Proven Business Model. Map Mailer Is A Superior Hybrid Version Of Two Long Time Successful Media Franchises. The "Discovery Map Franchise", Which Maps Out Businesses (Advertisers) On A Map & Distributes These Maps Through Retail Outlets While Printing It Once Per Year, And The "Money Mailer Franchise" Which Provides Coupons In An Envelope Which Is Then Mailed To The Homes. It's Printed Monthly Or Bi-Monthly.   
     "Map Mailers" Is Printed Quarterly Corresponding To The Seasons Of The Year. It Is Distributed/Mailed Through The U.S. Bulk Mailing System. It Is A Not A Franchise. It Is An Exclusive Arrangement Between Entrepreneurs Like Yourself And A Media Company Such As Map Mailers Whereas We Work Together For Mutual Financial Benefits. It's Somewhat Similar To An Automotive Dealership Whereas The Manufacturer Supplies The Dealer With Product & Resources, The Dealers Do The Selling, And Both Enjoy Financial Benefits. 
     At "Map Mailers", I'll Teach You The Business. I'll Provide Ongoing Support And Assist You For As Long As You Are Operating Your Business. It's Very Simple Really, You Build Local Business Relationships Within Your Territory, You Sell The Ads, I Do Everything Else, PERIOD! We Provide Resources, Tools And Support To Make Your Business Successful. I Design The Ads, I Layout The Maps, I Print And Mail The Giant 9" X 12" Map Mailer Postcards To Your Targeted Zip Codes. 

     Naturally Your Success Is Not Guaranteed. You Need To Do Your Part Soliciting Ad Sales For The Map Mailer In Your Territory. We Provide You A Customized Sales Presentation Folder With Documentation & Maps Showing Your Targeted Mailing Zones. It Provides Credibility & Confidence While Visiting Businesses. Every Sales Tool & Resource Is Provided For Your Success. We Want You To Succeed, To Do As Many Map Mailers As Possible As I Profit Along With You On Every Map Mailer Printed & Mailed.

     Ads On "Map Mailer" Are Easy To Sell. A Business Card Cost 3 Cents, Isn't Distributed & Sells Nothing. A Map Mailer Ad Cost 1 Cent Per Person & Is Delivered Into The Mailboxes Of The Businesses Best Prospects. It Cost Less Than A Business Card But It's Value To The Business Owner Is 50 Times Greater. Their All Anxious To Reach Their Best Prospects For Just 1 Cent Each! It's A No-Brain Er!

     Quality Customers Are Never Ending! Most Zip Codes Have 500-1000 Brick & Mortar Businesses In Them. Enough To Do 10 Map Mailers While Making Thousands Of Dollars On Each. Plus Hundreds Of Contractors, Tradespeople, Doctors, Dentists, Other Medical Providers & Home Businesses. And Hundreds Of Additional Businesses Outside Of The Targeted Mailing Zone Will Want To Reach The Households Your Targeting. Sometimes It Can Take Years To Visit All The Prospects In Just One Zip Code. When We Speak, I Can Tell You Exactly How Many Businesses Are In Your Targeted Mailing Zones. 
Investment Required
     "Map Mailers" Requires A One Time Licensing Fee Of $5,995.00. There Are No Other Start Up Costs & No Royalties As With Franchises. This Includes The Development & Designing Of A Map Illustrating & Chronicling Your Targeted Territory/Zip Codes. YourProvided 800 Custom Map Mailer Samples With Your Personal Contact Information (As Well As Other Customization You Might Want) Printed On Them. 

     For Example, You Might Be In A Resort/Vacation Area & Might Want To Have Ads Of Attractions On Your Sample Map Mailer, Or You May Have Another Business Interest In The Area & Want This Business Shown On The Map Mailer Sample. Not A Problem, If It Benefits You & The Sale Of Advertising, It Benefits Me. Your Provided An Exclusive Licensing Agreement For The Zip Codes You Are Targeting, As Long As You Are In Operation. 

     The Process Is As Follows. You Get The Initial Ad Information From The Business Owner. Sometimes You'll Scan An Ad Their Currently Running Or Their Business Card. Sometimes You Direct Us To Their Website. Sometimes You Take Notes From The Business Owner As Well As A Photo From The Business. We Provide Tip Sheets Advising You What Information To Get & How To Get It. It's Not Rocket Science, High School Seniors Go Into The Neighborhood Selling Ads To Local Businesses For Their Yearbooks. They Get It Done & So Will You. You Then Email This Information To Me Whereas I'll Make Up The Ad. 

     You Then Go Back To The Business Owner With The Ad Sample & Collect A 50% Deposit. If The Business Owner Needs Something To Be Changed, I'll Do This As Well. This Deposit Money More Than Covers Your Publishing Expenses Of $4,000.00 Per 10,000 Designed, Printed And Mailed Map Mailers. After The Map Mailers Are Mailed Out, You Go Back To The Business Owner With The Map Mailer, With Their Ad On It As Well As The Post Office Postal Receipts I Provide You And Collect The Remaining 50% Balance.  

      When You Visit A Business & The Owner Isn't In, You Just Leave Your Sample Map Mailer & When They Review It, They'll Often Call You. The Map Mailer Puts Every Advertiser On The Front Page. They Realize This & Want Their Business On The Map. The Samples Have The Sales Pitches Printed On Them & When They Review It, They Sign On Or Ask For Additional Ad Information.

     "Map Mailers" Are Superior To Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines & Newspapers Your Getting In Your Mailbox. 7 Of 10 Of Those Goes Into The Trash Without Being Viewed. But With Map Mailers, Everyone Takes A Couple Of Minutes To Review It, The Businesses On It & Their Sales Message. The Business Owners Realize This Making It Easy To Sell Ads To Them.99% Of Businesses That Sign On, Stay On The "Map Mailer" Forever!  

     Business Owners Love Mailbox Advertising. Half Are Already Doing It & 7 Out Of 10 Of Their Ads Are Going Into The Trash Without Being Viewed, But They Still Love It. But When They See The Map Mailer, They Realize Their Ad Will Be Seen By Everyone & Be More Effective. When You Walk Into The Real Estate Office & The Broker Isn't In, The Sales People Will Want To Get On The Map Mailer. They Work On Commission & Do Their Own Advertising. They Want To Reach 10,000 Households, 30,000 Of Their Neighbors For Just $100 Per Month. Same Thing With Car Dealers And Beauty Salons. Independent Agents Love Map Mailer As Much As Business Owners. 

     The Competition Is Junk Mail! They Go Into The Trash For The Most Part. The Map Mailer Is Ten Times More Effective. No Pages To Turn, No Envelopes To Open Or Labor Through. Everyone Getting The Map Mailer In Their Mailbox Takes The Couple Of Minutes Needed To Review It While Mentally Recording The Businesses Advertising On It & Their Sales Message. It's Incomparable!

    Most Save Their Map Mailer For A Product Or Service They Want, & Even When They Don't, Their Businesses Name, Products Or Services Advertised On The Map Mailer Are Embedded Into Their Brains For Future Reference. It Familiarizes The Businesses Name, Product Or Service With Their Best Prospects, 10,000 Households Surrounding Their Business Location (30,000 Consumers). All Close Enough To Come In & Spend Money. That's What Map Mailer Does For Them. And For As Little As 1 Cent Per Person. They Love It, Deservedly So! 
      This Is Not A New Business Model. 50,000 Entrepreneurs Are Currently Doing Direct Mail Advertising Envelopes, Magazines And Newspapers. Join Them With The Best Product Ever, The Map Mailers, And Take Their Customers Easily With FRONT PAGE ADS! Work Part Time & Succeed Even With A Full Time Job. Sell During Your Lunch Hour! Start Your Business Now!