The Sample Paper is Called HomeTown Informer to Aid in Your Selling, But I Suggest it be Changed to Reflect Your Own Community, Town, or Neighborhood. If You Live in & Will be Servicing Hollywood for example, It Should be Renamed to “The Hollywood Informer”.

On Average You Need 40 Advertisers to Fill a 24 Page Paper. Most Businesses Take 1/4, 1/2 & Full Page Ads as The Price So Low. It’s Easy to Sell a Business a Full Page When You Put it This Way, “I’ll Give You A Full Page Ad, Make You Look Like The Biggest (Whatever Type of Business Their In) in The County For Under 8 Cents Per House". Remember, a Stamp is 49 Cents! You Charge Businesses $799 For a Full Page Ad When You Mail to 10,000 Homes, and You Make Them Appear to be The Giant/Leader in Their Industry! They Love It! Half Page Ads For Under 4 Cents Per House is Even an Easier Sale. 

This Business Needs NO Special Licenses. It’s Like Any Other Small Business. No Different Than if You Were Selling Products on Amazon or Ebay.

Once You Have Your 1st Paper Up & Running, You Can Expand to Neighboring Zip Codes & Communities. This is Your Business & The Possibilities are Unlimited. You Can Start Your Own Franchise as Well Selling Your Branded Media & Business Plan to Others. 

I Want You To Succeed & Will Do Whatever’s Needed to Get Your Paper Published Quickly & Profitably. Including Doing Whatever I Need to For You! Since I’ve Done Dozens of My Own Publications as Well as Helped 100’s of Students to do Their Papers, This is NOT an Issue For Me. I Like What I do! I Love Getting Your First Paper in My Mailbox & I’m Pleased to Refund Your $109.00 Software Cost.

Once You Sign on, Your Samples & Manual Go Out Immediately Via Priority Mail & We Can Get Started as Soon as You Have Your Software Installed & Have Sent me a Skype Contact Request. I Retired 12 Years Ago & Conduct Training Sessions According to YOUR Schedule. Days, Evenings, Weekends, It’s All Part of What I Do. I Understand Many Are Working Full Time Jobs & This is Not a Problem, For You, or Me.

You Can Get More Familiar With This Industry by Visiting Some of The Popular Media Franchise Such as Valpak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, The Home Mag, Coffee News, Natural Awakenings, Tidbits, and Others. Examine Their Products & Their Offerings and You’ll See That My Format is Superior and Will Make More Sense to Your Local Business Owners. However, They're All Successful, Profitable and Often Charge $100K For Their Franchises.

This is NOT a Business Opportunity or a Franchise, It’s a Business Mentoring Course. My Students are NOT Territoriality Protected Which is Why NO References From or For Them Are Provided or Available. They Don’t Want You in Their Business (Sorry), as One Day You Might Move into Their Town and Compete With Them. My Students Take Their Publishing Skills Wherever They Relocate to and Often Start New Papers in Their New Towns When They Move There.

Some Have Their 1st Papers Out Within 30 Days & Others Take a Few Months Depending on Their Work Schedule. Regardless of When and How Fast You Get Yours Out, Once You Do, You Hardly Work, as You Only Visit The Customers Each Month to Collect Their Payments, Often Working Only 4-6 Hour for The Month. Don't Bother Trying to Find Another Business Like This! None Exists!

Without Any Expenses or Overhead, and Collecting Your Deposits Before Printing and Mailing, You Are Afforded a Positive Cash Flow From Day One! No Franchise Costs or Reoccurring Royalties Make This Opportunity Superior to Franchise Offerings. If You Have an Internet Connection, a Windows Computer and Printer, You are Fully Equipped!

In Business Your Only as Good as Your Product and The HomeTown Informers Format is the Best Advertising in The Market. You Don’t Need to be a Salesman. Just Visit The Businesses & Advise What You Are Doing. My Format is a Compilation of The Best Attributes of The Other Media’s Without Their Detriments, Making it The Clear Choice of Advertising For Local Business Owners. How Can Your Local Business Owners NOT Have Interest in Your Paper as its Being Mailed to The Households in Their Zip Code, Surrounding Their Business, For Just 1 Cent Per Home! They Will Have Interest! The Rest is Up to You. Present Yourself Confidently, Professionally, Credibly and They Will Sign On For Advertising. And, You Will be Able to Present Yourself Confidently, Professionally & Credibly, When You Learn The Business From Me!

Call Me With Any Questions (954-534-9368) or email and I’ll Advise How Many Homes and Businesses Are in Your Zip Code. Then, Order Your Samples and Line Up Your Customers. It’s Just That Simple. Whatever You Do, Don’t Continue Searching For Something Better Than This, It Doesn’t Exist! 

Arthur Gottlieb