This Business Model Is Perfect For Starting A Business Part Time, Even On Your Lunch Break If Your Working. You Visit And Call Businesses In Your Free Time. However, Instead Of Taking Their 50% Deposit Immediately, You Tell Them You'll Come Back Right Before Your Going To Mail The Postcard. They Will Respect Your Honesty. This Way If You Are Starting Slow While Working A Full Time Job, You Can Take 2 Or Even 6 Months To Fill Up Your Postcard. When It's Full You Go Back For Your Deposit And Do Your Mailing Promptly.

Yeah, They Thought You Quit Or Died. However, When You Go Back & Explain The Situation To Them, How You Started Part Time So It Took Longer, They're Understanding. You Explain That Now You Only Need To Revisit Them Monthly To See If They Want To Continue, Which You Have More Than Enough Time To Do. They're Understanding And Appreciative Of Your Honesty And Most Importantly, Happy You Have Returned And That They Can Be In Your Giant Postcard.